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Train Ride

Got to train station, heading to Flagstaff, AZ: Train #4, Room #4, in car # 431.

Shared a table at dinner with a man and woman who are devoted to sustainable food: he is working at the problem of energy, says that even the typical renewable energy is a finite source. Great sharing at dinner, […]

Support Haleakala



When: 6:00 pm Thursday, August 26, 2010

Where: Multipurpose Room,

Mayor Hannibal Tavares Community Center,

90 Pukalani Street, Pukalani, HI

For more details click here.

Are we ready to change our lifestyle to heal the Earth?

A quote from Art: Thinking that man is divine over other animals causes us to do things that are ecologically insupportable. So perhaps the question is not only “who am I?” anymore, but “what am I?”

If we accept what our basic needs are as human animals, and tend to those needs first, then perhaps […]

Temecula Pow Wow

Pow Wow in Temecula exceptional – a couple hundred native Americans in their dress performing dances – beautiful, amazing. From different nations – some even from as far as Wyoming. It was, after all, an “all nations” event. Carl was kind of fixated on certain objects he wanted – a necklace, a ring – […]