Arrived at the “Hopi Market” 15 minutes before the last series of dances were to begin – three long dances. Amazing just to be there, to have been guided and to have found our way there.


Carl wanted to view the dance from the back – I told him we would then not be able to see them from the front. We went around to a side and waited there.

Right before the dancers came in he said, “I’m going to the back to see them come in!” I said OK as he was running off.


The dancers came in, turned BACKWARDS, and came onto the little stage dancing with their backs to everyone – Carl was the one with a front-and-center view.


Afterwards I talked to a few people, 2 of them at the Black Mesa table. One a young man, the other his father. The father talked to me about the roots of the Black Mesa Trust movement, the need to understand that water is sacred and that we all, as humans, have that in common. Together we can achieve success in the fight for water – we can do it if we do it together. It was contrary to my understanding that the Hopi were not interested in joining forces, formally in any case, to achieve any particular thing. I was tilted from my understanding. And he was wearing a Pete Seeger t-shirt…the synchronicity was too much.  I had just met Pete Seeger; Vernon had just been on stage at Pete Seeger conference. I would later find out, that a dear friend, and powerful photographer, had captured, Vernon on stage with Pete Seeger. I would later share these photos with Vernon. How was this happening? As my photographer friend, Dan said, I “seem to be finding my way just fine.”


In the meantime Carl had been playing with several Hopi boys, and it was clear it was going to continue for awhile. Seeing a few moments of freedom, I considered if I should return to the man at the Black Mesa table. Then the words of the woman at the t-shirt booth rang in my head, “Maybe you’ll find someone there to talk to.”


Then, Carl’s words then rang in my head, “Like the lady said, Mamy, maybe you’ll find someone to talk to.” And I was mesmerized at the thought, at the question, “Am I supposed to talk to him about indigenous ambassadors?”


Doubting myself, and not wanting to waste anyone’s time, seeing that he was busy talking to other people, I continued on.


Carl then came, was done playing and wanted a shaved ice, so we went to get sweets for him and some food for me. As I was finishing my food,  I felt the resurgence to return to the Black Mesa table.  I went to the booth, he was now with his son and his father; it didn’t feel right to speak to him in their presence, particularly the grandfather’s presence.


“Be patient,  let it come to you.”


He picked up some papers, and began to walk away from the booth, in my direction. As he came nearer I simply asked him if I may walk with him. The words that came out were powerful, and it is when I realized that speaking to someone I had no doubt understood and agreed, gave the words this power. Typically I ask for the right words to come at the right time in the right way. This time I did not, but they came as if I had. This time it was all intent. Whatever I said, he heard. And when I said I have been told that the Hopi would not want to participate, he said, “No, the young ones like doing this type of thing. They are interested.”


I was speechless, not at all what I was expecting. I told him ambassadors are now coming into my path. That I was half Peruvian and knew I could get an ambassador from there as well. He asked me if I still had connections there, I told him I had family, elders and shamans. I did not realize, until this moment, the power of his question. He asked how long I was going to be in the area. I told him my son was on a spiritual journey that I was supporting, and told him about his calling, the pull.

Buffalo Dance

He then invited me to their Home Dance at Hoteville on the 18th and asked what our schedule was. I told him whatever the schedule was that we were going as we are guided, so it didn’t matter what was scheduled so far. He said if I was still around then we could attend. I told him I’d like to make sure we were there for that – that it would be an honor to attend. We exchanged contact information. He said he would call me on the 14th when he has been asked to speak here in Flagstaff to give me the time in case we were here.


This is a million dollar gift.

He continued sharing, that he had just returned from Mexico City to take two runners to carry water – of course, the water.


They got a greater reception than he ever expected. That the indigenous people, the elders there, had heard they were coming and spread the word, and people started making a pilgrimage from towns to greet them. I touched his shoulder and told him, “As it should be”, and that it brought me joy to hear of it. What an inspiring event this must have been for him. Perhaps the perfect precursor to the sharing of my mission. He then said he would like to go to Peru, and that perhaps I will take him there. I told him I would love to do that. The value of this interaction is beyond words, beyond measure. I am reeling from the beauty.

Hopi Fire and Water Runs



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