The Plane Ride

An excerpt from my journals:

I was asked how one can support “Indigo” Children. I think back to the flight to California with my son Carl. June 24, 2009:

While reading a collection of stories of tribal wisdom,  I had good stuff to share with Carl about: spirit, ancient wisdom, reincarnation, connection with Nature, tribal/clan connections with Self, dreamwork….all stuff like that.

Carl was reading some fantasy adventure book about cats.

I was wanting to share with him some of the wisdom, to tune in, especially on the outset of this spiritual journey to native land and people; I waited for him to put the book down.

Carl in turn suggested  that I read part of his book.

He was so excited about his story, he glowed. I thought: How can I ask him to put away something bringing him that kind of joy?

I decide to give him more time to read.

Finally he says, “Mamy, you really should read some of this. Here, read from here… here,” as he points out some 20 pages. I looked at him for seriousness – he had it. I thought to humor him, at best mildly support him, I accepted his book and at least began to read. He was pleased, and excited for me.  Sweet.

So it was the right thing to do. I began the 20-page trek. I read 3 sentences and stopped, looked at him grasping for reality as mine was being tested. His story was sounding like mine. But it was about cats. Cats. His face glowed in the sharing and he leaned his head on my shoulder in expectation and anticipation of my continuance.

I did.

Three pages later I was in awe and right on cue he asked, “What do you think?”

I worked to shift focus to smile at him and answer, “It’s great.”

A few more pages, I was in near disbelief.

Of course, right at that time he asks, “Do you like it?”  Hmmm, so much he was now annoying me by asking.  Shift again because he deserved to witness the reality, big smile for him, let it out: “I love it!”

Having confirmed what he had suspected all along and leaving him fulfilled, I could now disregard any further intrusions on my reading space, now a journey of my own, discovering a story of equal sentiment, wisdom, and reality…about Cats!  And every element of what I had just been reading in my own book, a summary of my own beliefs in different stories and books, was represented in Carl’s book: These cats gained lifetimes by cat ancients coming to them in dreams as dreamwork.

This boy doesn’t need any help with the material…he’s found his own way.  I am now with less ego further understanding that my role is only to support him, and provide for him that which a child can’t logistically provide for himself. What a relief…this is too easy!

We then looked at my collected clippings, focusing mostly on the pictures, and Carl shared his translations of several of the medicine wheels. The ideas and thoughts flowed at a rapid rate and he was quite specific – about the elements of Nature, of human traits, of the sun and moon and the 4 directions.  Although I cannot confirm any of the ideas he shared, they made sense to me!  And instead of feeling like I was allowing his interpretations, I felt like I was being taught!  It was beautiful, remarkable and inspiring.

So, how to raise “Indigo” children? I realized that just in asking the question, the intention creates the support and empowers you – and me – it empowers the children.

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