Are we ready to change our lifestyle to heal the Earth?

A quote from Art: Thinking that man is divine over other animals causes us to do things that are ecologically insupportable. So perhaps the question is not only “who am I?” anymore, but “what am I?”

If we accept what our basic needs are as human animals, and tend to those needs first, then perhaps other things that we do, and material things that we get in search of comfort, will become less important and we will become less inclined to seek them, sometimes even unknowingly at great ecological cost. As also stated in Art’s book, our needs are these: Health, Learning, Peace, and Love.

And there is a wonderful difference between us and other animals: We have a choice. A choice of how to live.

And so perhaps it is time to put Lifestyle on the agenda, more seriously than most of us ever have, of what to do to change the World.

So a resulting question of the night was “Are we ready to change our lifestyle to heal the Earth? And to live in a way that is in balance with Nature?”

I believe that everything is divine! Including this planet. And so it is time to further ground ourselves into our human bodies and behave more responsibly towards the Earth – it is such a Gift!

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