Letter to Elders

To the Elders in our Children’s lives:

This is about their path. It is not necessarily about our path although it might be similar, it is about their own path. It is about God, but not necessarily the way some might view God, or that they use the name God. They may use the name God, they may use Buddha, or Krishna, or Massau. They may use them all, or none. It is about supporting whatever they call that which brings them strength and clarity, that which allows them to walk and live from the Heart, from the Spirit, their Spirit.

If it is true that each one of us has come into this life for a purpose, then I will leave it to them to determine, or remember, what that purpose is. It may take them a lifetime to do that; it may take them only a year; they may know already even if unable to put it into words. With appropriate guidance we trust in them completely to figure it out! With appropriate guidance we trust that when they fall, they will pick themselves up, or reach out for assistance to then pick themselves up, or continue until the lesson they have yet to learn is learned.

Clearly boundaries are necessary in order to develop the right habits of right behavior towards each other and themselves – respectful, cautious when prudent to be so, appreciative, and communicative. We hope we are doing a good job of setting those boundaries, adhering to them, and living them to ensure that we are providing the example of the same.

You have much to offer to them, to our children as well as to the children of the world.

I believe we are all in agreement about “right habits” and “right behavior”, which is why we consider you an asset in our lives, in our children’s lives, which will include their memories long after we’ve all transitioned out of this lifetime. The thread of your energy will go far, and live long…

It is important for us to select Elders for our children, other than the people they know as their grandparents, so that they can become comfortable with the notion of choosing Elders. Since the age at which they may be having children may not allow for direct contact with the actual grandparents (Don and I included) of those children for a long enough period of time, we wish for the task of choosing Elders to become a normal practice for them.

Here are the Elders Carl and Christopher (our sons) have been born into, the Grandparents:

Elisa – “Abuelita”

Walter – “Wally”

Sandy – “Nonnie”


The other, chosen, Elders:

Mark – “Grandpa Mark”

Marylin – “Grandma Marylin”

Karl – “Big Karl”






We are so grateful for your presence in their lives – we love you, and we thank you.

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