The Power of 4444



Life,  Spirit.  We come together.  We’re in this together.  Exciting to see it, to be in it, more and more.  The energies that feed us, support us, push and pull us together, Grace us together.  Happening before our very eyes, when they are open.

Happening when they are not.  It’s exciting to be in a flow.  It’s exciting! It’s Magic!!
How can we feed each other?  Love each other, clearly, freely?  Let us begin the day with Seeing each other.   Then with a Touch.  One Touch. One Life.  One Love.   One Breath.  One Heartbeat.  In Unity.

Back to Nature,  touching God, within us, around us, guiding us back to…  Ancient Wisdom, Earth Unity.  Let us Unite with the Indigenous Peoples, Let us Unite with the Indigenous Root in Us All!

Poem:"Copyright c 2011 by Sylvia Cenzano"


I believe there is one race – humans. And our connection goes beyond our connectionwith people, it reaches out to holding hands with nature. I am a part of Nature, I am a part of God. We are all connected with all the fibers of energy that exist on this world, and beyond it.

Any part of that energy can create, better, we can create together. We put out requests, questions, then listen, and if appropriate, act. We are in a relationship with it all. We speak with respect for each other, and compassion. We communicate our wishes, our intents, our thoughts and feelings. We may be able to read it in each other without the words, but communication two ways is the tool, the gift we have been given as humans and we should do our best to use it.

And use it before frustration or confusion sets in, inasmuch as this may require strength and courage not yet found. It is there. Just ask of it, and listen to it. Ask of your Self, of God, of Nature, and trust in the answer…sometimes different than our wishes. Be grateful for whatever comes.

Life is so Precious – If we choose to call these elements God: those elements being Light, Love, being Human, Nature and It’s ability to create, then being the human part of God is the greatest blessing we can have because we can look into each other’s eyes, and touch each other, ever so consciously, in the greatest sharing of the absolute best part ofourselves.

Light – Light is referenced in just about every indigenous culture with a spiritual focus, in every religion, in every branch of mythology and in every part of humanity reaching for a higher consciousness. There is a universal understanding that we are Light Beings, Divine in nature, and with many, that the source of this Light is Love.

And Love transcends absolutely everything – including the boundaries of time, of life, of lifetimes. It is the greatest gift.
We acknowledge our Oneness with all living things. We honor all Living Things by living in Balance and Harmony with them. In honoring others we honor ourselves.

Creativity is the result of such a balance and clarity, where all energies flow freely and spontaneously.
Areas of Nature on our earth must be protected. We must work together to honor the beauty, the necessity of the life force held within places of Nature.

I have honored the earth beneath my feet, the plants, animals, all of nature since early childhood. I was raised to seek out organic food (the ones WITH the worm holes) before the term was coined. And although plants and animals communicated, I did not consider holding conversations with them until a few years ago. I have meditated since very early childhood, not knowing of course, how special it was that my senses were opening and allowing experiences on different mental and spiritual realms, realms sometimes not anywhere near my body, or that place in time.

But that I consider it “special” is what I believe I am here to assist others to transcend. It is special in the sense that it is valuable and beautiful, but it is completely normal! And living a life where this openness is our standard, to feel fully, to love freely, to be creative, to know that we can survive any emotional catastrophe because of all the Love and Light in the world looking to be shared with us…to have that Love within Ourselves that creates a resiliency that withstands events, and time.

I have been on a mission to set up a healing center, on this property full of Nature’senergy which I felt long before stepping foot on it, yet I have only recently become quite clear as to my specific role here in being of service to Humanity and to Nature.

Although I do work at times with assisting healing and awakening, through messages that came to me when coming to Maui, and through the ones that have come to me recently, my role in setting up a center is to provide a space, “a place of Nature”, for others, healers and educators, to come and do their work, and for me to focus on the children.
I came knowing that teaching people how to heal themselves was a must. Offering healing services to facilitate their opening to that knowledge and training is also essential. And since it is time to work on stopping the cycle of adults requiring healing, a strong focus on supporting children in their gifts is a passion for me. That which is normal to them – communing with nature, special abilities in perception – should be honored and encouraged. They start out being resilient and able to love freely – let’s keep it that way.

So I welcome those that seek within themselves, and are called to reach out to others to facilitate their liberation into the open realm. Please tell me how I can support you!