Train RideTrain Ride

Got to train station,heading to Flagstaff,AZ:Train #4,Room #4,in car # 431.

Shared a table at dinner with a man and woman who are devoted to sustainable food:he is working at the problem of energy,says that even the typical renewable energy is a finite source. Great sharing at dinner,[…]

Temecula Pow Wow

Pow Wow in Temecula exceptional – a couple hundred native Americans in their dress performing dances – beautiful,amazing. From different nations – some even from as far as Wyoming. It was,after all,an “all nations” event. Carl was kind of fixated on certain objects he wanted – a necklace,a ring – […]

The Plane Ride

An excerpt from my journals:

I was asked how one can support “Indigo” Children. I think back to the flight to California with my son Carl. June 24,2009:

While reading a collection of stories of tribal wisdom,I had good stuff to share with Carl about:spirit,ancient wisdom,reincarnation,connection with Nature,tribal/clan […]

Adaptive Ecology Meeting Thursday at 6pm

As we continue our focus,working together,to facilitate moving civilization towards a more natural way of living on this beautiful planet,our next meeting is scheduled for this Thursday,June 3rd,6pm at Kolealea

See you there.