Protect Haleakala!

This is a call to ACTION in upholding indigenous rights,to protect the summit of Haleakala volcanic mountain on Maui,an Hawaiian sacred site. Protecting sacred sites should be a global concern for all People.  In Unity,our Voices are heard.

Please join Sylvia Cenzano and the entire Team,with The Power of 4444,in Global Unity by:

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5)      In the advocacy of indigenous rights tell us how we can be of service to you.

The summit of Haleakala is a sacred site or wahi pana,not only to the Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawai’ians),but to the world at large. The status of sacred Haleakala is listed on the website of Sacred Sites as “Threatened”,due to the proposed ATST telescope that is being planned on its summit.   To the spiritual Native Hawaiian people the sacred ‘aina (land) of the summit is a living being who is their ancestor.   This sacred summit has been sanctified by Maui himself,by the goddess Pele,and by the Kahunas and the Kupunas from ancient times through the present. It is where Maui snared the sun so that his mother Hina’s kapas would dry faster,a story that is told throughout all the islands of the South Pacific.   It is a place where the tones of ancient prayer are balanced within the vortex of energy for spiritual manifestations.   It should be honored by all…

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Protect Haleakala!

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