Train RideTrain Ride

Got to train station,heading to Flagstaff,AZ: Train #4,Room #4, in car # 431.

Shared a table at dinner with a man and woman who are devoted to sustainable food:he is working at the problem of energy,says that even the typical renewable energy is a finite source. Great sharing at dinner,great exchange.

Learn More about Sustainability here and here:

The ride was remarkable – so much fun!!  Carl and I turned the lights off and lay together looking out the window,watching the land go by. During the night I woke up frequently,looking to get comfortable in the small bed with Carl,and enjoying each episode looking out the window for a little while – how cool.

We got in at 5 a.m. and the exchanges for this journey began:gifts came at a surprising rate. As we get off the train,an older man mentions Venus looking at the sky; upon inquiry he pointed it out,then had me step back so  he could show me Jupiter as well! He was a retired astronomy professor.  He gave me a handout pointing out the sights this month. We exchanged information – he is going to Tahiti next year and wondered about stopping on Maui first,staying at Kolealea.

Then,he hopped back on the train:out of sight.

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